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Mar 7, 2015

Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Chuck Turtleman

Art by: Chimera-Stormhawk (

What’s up, my honkies!

Chuck Turtleman here to tell you all about Episode 92 of the SFJ podcast. First, I regale the listeners with a story of being stabbed by turtle poo, Belasco is excited about the upcoming Settlers vs. Cthulhu movie, and Booze tells us why Belgium is Shit. I explain how to outpoint a mollusk then a pachyderm in the boxing ring, and we all learn some fascinating Australian History.

The News Round Copter is stuck over North Korea this week, but we don’t come away without a slogan. And on this week’s Idiots of Facebook, instead of delving deep into the trials and tribulations of one idiot, we hit on highlights of several of them to bring you a smorgasbord of low IQ narcissism.

Finally, I believe I have proved to Belasco that while perhaps not “anyone” could write a comic book, I certainly could. The only problem with the first two installments was they were too short, so I made them twice as long! I hope you all enjoy Belasco trying to hide his enjoyment of Spockter Who and his dog Bacchewa’s incredible journeys to other planets as much as Booze and I do.

So charge up your robot, put us in your earholes, and set the dog to co-pilot and enjoy the soothing sounds of the Sweet Feathery Jesus podcast. Don’t worry -I edited.



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