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Apr 5, 2019


Welcome back, honkies!  Today Prof. Chuck Turtleman shares with Belasco a person we’re calling “Mouse Man”.  The world of retail pet stores can be a frightening place and Mouse Man has decided to stake a claim on Turtleman’s store for all of his premium pet needs.

We’ll also take a look back at a man we featured way back in 2012 – boxing coach, Eric Kelly.  Eric made a name for himself when a YouTube video of his training style went viral.  Booze and Belasco felt that Eric wasn’t doing himself or the gym any favors.  Chuck Turtleman (then known as Dr. P) disagreed.  Who was right?  We find out in this show when we update you on what’s happened with Eric since then.

So, stick this one in your ears while you’re hitting the heavy bag, you f****n’ nerd.



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