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Apr 8, 2016

SFJ 120 art

Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaat’s up, my honkies?

On this extremely special episode of the SFJ podcast, Chuck Turtleman brings us his exciting new segment… Pants News!

Now, calm down, non-American ladies and hunky beefcakes. Chuck is talking about trousers, not knickers. And also,what he actually brings us is facts about pants, not news. So this segment, and this entire podcast, should really be called Pants Facts! But he’s made a jingle now.

Meanwhile, Idiot of Facebook Frank is earning his title by loudly proclaiming that he’s trimming his Friends list. Oh no! Will SFJ make the cut? Frank has also joined some (free) dating websites. It would be a shame if some unscrupulous person who may or may not be a Sweet Feathery Jesus listener found his dating profile.

Oh, and Frank is definitely NOT gay. Got it?

All this, and an answer to the big questions. Is dumpy despot Kim Jong-Il Jr really DTF in the Grand Poonyang Hotel? And do you still have to dismantle your white male privilege if you were one of those kids born without a nose?

So stick us in your ear and don’t forget to hit us up on Yik-Yak, Friend-O or Squiddly Diddly.




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