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Apr 23, 2016



Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Beardo

Beware the moon, my honkies!

On this really rather special episode of the SFJ podcast, we travel to deepest darkest Worcestershire in search of the mythical badly drawn werepanther / bin bag that stalks the land and haunts the dreams of children. And also because we really want to hear Chuck Turtleman try to pronounce “Worcestershire”.

Beardo is back from getting married (sorry, ladies and hunky beefcakes), and we find out all about the poshest Australian wedding of the century in  a very very in-depth SFJ Special Report. Concentrating mainly on his trousers.

We also make a record breaking attempt to decipher the badly spelled, chemical enhanced status updates of not one, not two, but THREE Idiots of Facebook on one podcast. They said it couldn’t be done!

All this, and Booze doing a Scotch accent that will, quite frankly, knock your socks off and make them fly across the room. Eat your heart out, Mel Gibbons.

So stick us in your ear, stick to the roads, and keep off the moors.

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