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Jan 28, 2017












Featuring: Beardo, Booze, Chuck Turtleman

Whaaaaaaat’s Up, my honkies? In this very special episode of the Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast, we put the monkeys to one side for a while and concentrate on our canine chums. Yes, this episode features not one, but TWO news stories about dogs! Well, one dog, and a lady who pretends to be one for the purposes of her public loveplay. As feminists, we support her right to do whatever she wants, the silly cow.

Also, we ask all the big questions. What ladies magazine features killer moths this month? What household appliance should you never hide your next door neighbo(u)r’s hair manipulation device in? And is Ali Bongo the only African leader named after a British magician popular in the last century, or is Paul Daniels now the president of Equatorial Guinea?

All this, a top of the range 8GB Chinese China Translation Machine, Rita Ora, and the most romantic board game related marriage proposal you’ll have heard so far this year.

So, woof woof, woof woof, woof!*

*(stick us in your ears!)

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