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Sep 14, 2018











Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Belasco

Hello Listeners with Good Taste,

We finally finished this episode after a particularly nasty attempt at sabotage. We’re not pointing any fingers (Turtleman), but someone didn’t record they’re side of the conversation.  Maybe it was alternate-universe Dr. P.  Either way, despite some sound issues, the episode is here!

This episode, we welcome back our old friend Bane (off of Batman)!  We catch up with what’s going on his life and get some top-quality life advice.  Later Belasco subjects noted “toy-movie” hater, Professor Chuck Turtleman, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Turtleman begins his journey with Iron Man (2008) and he better damn-well like it.  We’ll give Neil deGrasse Tyson

Belasco gets a bug up his butt (#belascopath) and admonishes you listeners about taking a joke too far.  A school system decides that maybe spanking students (#belascopath) isn’t the most effective form of discipline.  An unrelated student decides that the “Jedi Way” means he won’t fight back against bullies (#belascopath).  And, a Chinese Chinacouple have to be taught the correct way to increase the size of their family (#guess).

All this and more, so stick it in your ears, honkies!

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