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Jun 27, 2015

Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze

Crack open the champagne and festively dye your armpit hair, it’s SFJ 100! Or, 177.

On this special centennial episode, Booze nostalgically remembers the hairy pits of yesteryear’s Europeans, and yearns for a dwarf worthy of his love. We learn the altitude of Chuck Turtleman’s navel, and then visit with Professor David Alan Stern; the accent guru, who teaches us all how to talk like a fair dinkum Aussie.

And the show gets really disruptive when we are forced to examine whether our weekly Franks are bully or cheeky (they’re cheeky). And someone special to us all celebrates father’s day early, and it works out just great.

All this, a monkey named Jesus and so much more… On episode 100 of the SFJ podcast.

So stick us in your ear holes for the 177th time, my honkies.



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