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Jul 25, 2015

Featuring:  Booze, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze, Beardo

Whaaaaaat’s up, my cotton pickin’ honkies?

Beardo’s banjo bits are finally appropriate, as we journey down South to check out Chuck Turtleman’s homeland. Join us, dagnabbit, as we delve into the divisive dilemma of the confederate flag, and learn how to drawl like true sons of the South with Steel Magnolias accent coach Professor David Alan Stern.

Along the way, we’ll answer all the big questions. What is the secret meaning behind the numbers on the General Lee? What 1970’s BBC sitcom star flew to Arizona to have sex with a horse? Why did a woman from England wake up talking like a Chinese Chinalady? And how much does it cost to ship 5 T-shirts soaked in urine?

So put on your Daisy Dukes and meet us at the Choke’N’Puke. It’s time to put us in your earholes for a roadtrip down South, y’all.



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