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Aug 8, 2015

Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Booze, Turtleman

Guess what? Belasco’s Back!

We were let down this week by somebody who shall remain nameless but who is Australian and has a big beard, so we had to ask a real professional to come back from his holidays and help us out.*

Although our host strangely disappears when we welcome back another blast from the past… our agony aunt Bane off of Batman, who drops by to help solve a listener’s love conundrum.

Remember Baldgust? That’s SFJ’s answer to Movember, where instead of getting to grow a cool moustache, you shave your head to look like a victim of male pattern baldness. Well, a cancer charity has stolen our idea, so we’re not going to rest until we’ve sued them for every cent of that juicy cancer money.

Meanwhile, we find out how our woodworking and methamphetamine enthusiast Idiot of Facebook Krystal Keith’s very public romance is getting on, struggle not to make the obvious joke when a lady’s cat gets unfortunately shaved, and find out which Hollywood actor took a small role that ended up being the role of a lifetime.

So stick this in your ear of choice and have a very Happy Baldgust, my honkies!



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