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Nov 28, 2015

Featuring:  Belasco, Beardo, Chuck Turtleman
Producer: Beardo, Turtleman



Whaaaaaat’s up, my honkies?

Grab your 20-sided dice, dust off your wizard cloak, and invite your three friends to your mom’s basement, because Belasco, king of the #Belascopaths, is back!

Chuck has still been playing his Solvin’ Crimes* game, and with the help of the best voice actor in SFJ history, he takes us on a thrilling ride through his latest case!

Despite some resistance, Chuck takes up the copter for the News Round, and brings us stories of a gorgeous gator-grappling gal and some handy-capable Chinese Chinapeople. Also, we hear another installment of the Saga of Krystal Keith, to see how he reacts to news of his own death.

All this, and more casual racism than you can poke a chopstick at, in this very special episode of SFJ.

Special thanks to Shirley Maclaine, who played the role of Gravy Hayes.

*Criminal Case


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