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Nov 14, 2012

Featuring:  Booze, Belasco, Dr. P
Producer: Booze


Here at SFJ we applaud the brave gentlemen participating in Movember and in no way think that, far from it being any kind of hardship, they’re all secretly delighted to have an excuse to grow a moustache without anybody accusing them of being a homosexual sailor from the 1970’s.

But you may not share our view of these hirsute heroes. Perhaps you think the event has been hijacked by a bunch of narcissistic ponces. That it’s become almost as annoying as Comic Relief. Maybe you think Movember has well & truly jumped the walrus.

If this is the case, we suggest you shave the top of your head, leave the back and sides and join us for our new cancer fundraising idea. Next August, we’re introducing… Baldgust!

If you cultivate a combover, we’ll sponsor you double.

Meanwhile, Booze shows off his fancy footwork, Belasco displays why he wasn’t invited to the Royal Wedding and Dr. P introduces us to a Chinamanwoman so devoid of a sense of humor that she gets all upset about being kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to dance around in her knickers. Even though it was all a joke!

The nerve of some people.

So… come on bald for Baldgust!


Show Notes

  • News Round Outtake (00:00)
  • Booze Taps ‘dat Ass (01:25)
  • Baldgust! (03:15)
  • Should Belasco Watch This? (10:55)
  • Pippa’s Party Book (13:13)
  •  Dr. P’s News Round [Toothbrush] (19:50)
  • 14 Year-old’s “Womanly Curves”(24:30)
  • Reporter/Practical Joke Victim has No Sense of Humor (27:05)
  • Owl Thief (30:42)
  • Outro (38:08)
  • Stinger (39:18)


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