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Apr 13, 2013

Featuring:  Longhorn, Belasco, “Booze”, Dr. P, and Hiccup
Producer: Belasco


sfjpodlogo Another special “LIVE” version for the subscribers.

In this live-streamed show, we discuss Belasco’s recent Twitter discussion with the one and only William Shatner. Thankfully, our friend Longhorn joins us so that Belasco doesn’t feel so alone in the geek-out. Naturally, Shatner talk leads to superheroes, superheroes lead to monkeys, monkeys lead to Stefano!, and Stefano! leads to half-naked girls chopping down crosses.

Also, there’s something not-quite-right about Booze since his recent holiday in America. And don’t miss a very special edition of “Should Belasco Watch this Film”.

Special note: Apologies for some of the sound quality in this episode. There were microphone troubles and it was all Hiccup’s fault. 

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