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Aug 25, 2013

Featuring: Travis (, Belasco, Booze, Dr. P
Producer: Belasco



685 We’re back with another packed episode!

Joining us today is Travis from the Tiny Odd Conversations Podcast ( to help us out with the News Round. There’s testicle-eating fish (maybe), evil baby monitors in Texas, and an Ambien-induced road trip with some Kiwi dame.

We also revisit our “When Tortoises Attack!” segment with a little bit of tortoise and a little bit of attack. Not necessarily in each story.

Additionally, we take a little time to say goodbye and give a nice tribute to our favorite podcast, “The Big Three” ( Thanks to Perry Caravello, it’s over and we hope he gets what’s coming to him. We also hope you’ll check out the Big Three’s movie “Windy City Heat”.




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