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Oct 11, 2013

Featuring:  Booze, Belasco, Dr. P
Producer: Booze



70Due to Booze buying GTA V & Dr P’s rampant Candy Crush addiction, we didn’t get around to thinking up any ideas for this week’s podcast. So we had to turn to the Podcast-A-Tron 9000 Generic Podcast Generator Unit to make one for us. Apologies if it sounds a bit more like other podcasts than usual.

In this episode we meet a shirtless man who wants to win his wife back, an Amish man who keeps a crocodile under his bed, and  a Chinese Chinaman with an upside-down nose on his forehead.

Dr. P’s News Round teaches us about the care and feeding of pacu fish, parasitic twins, and retards.  Unfortunately, multiple distractions allow Belasco’s nerdiness to run wild to the point that he decides to do his own News Round, or “Nerd Round” as he calls it. This disaster leads to information about Star Wars and Harry F****** Potter. There is no Stefano this week, but you’ll be thrilled to hear “Saxfano” doing it his way.



Stay tuned, because next week is our Halloween Not-So-Special and if it’s anything like last year…



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