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Oct 27, 2013







Episode #71: 2013 Halloween Not-So Special - coverWe’re back with another Halloween spectacular! We kick off with a discussion about Stephen King and how poorly his work has been adapted, especially when he’s involved in them. Booze tells us about the most horrific experience of his life. Dr. P goes all David Cronenberg on us and shares a tale of body horror unmatched by anyone with a sense of decency.

The News Round is a litany of fearful objects like escaped lunatics, clowns, and vegetables. Thank heavens Stefano is there to bring it all back around with a song from … uh … well, maybe you can tell us. Belasco continues to drive Dr. P to a homicidal rage by doing his own news broadcast, the Nerd Round. And you’ll never believe what happens when a young woman comes face-to-face with an amorous Triceratops.

Strap-in folks, it’s going to get weird.





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