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Mar 9, 2014

Featuring:  Matt Kona, Booze, Belasco, Dr. P
Producer: Dr. P, Booze



76bWhat’s up, my honkies? Dr. P here. Are you a fan of the cult classic movie Windy City Heat & the Big 3 podcast? We are. We got the chance to sit down and talk to the very funny Matt Kona about the many stunts, Shout-outs, and pranks that he’s pulled on Perry.  So dim the lights, put on a Beiber cassette, cuddle up in a Cubs blanket, and enjoy.
P.S. If you’re not a Windy City Heat/ Big 3 fan, this extra special .5 podcast probably isn’t for you. But don’t worry. We’ll be back to talking about monkeys & North Korean Chinapeople next week on episode 77.



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