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May 18, 2015

Featuring:  BoozeBelasco, Chuck Turtleman

Producer: Chuck Turtleman, Booze, Belasco

Let’s clear up a bit of listener confusion. Contrary to popular belief, Mr Turtleman is not retiring from the podcast. He’s just being a crazy maverick & refusing to play by the rules like Belasco & Booze & all you other lame-O squares do.

He still brings us the News Round, though. But now he does it whilst chewing bubble gum, turning his hat backwards & wearing blue jeans & white sneakers. This week, we meet a Brazilian bodybuilder who asks “Do you even inject, bro?” & a Canadian Chinaman who likes turtles so much he attaches almost 53 of them to to his legs & under-regions. Or maybe they’re tortoises. Hard to tell.

We continue the tale of our new Idiot of Facebook  Krystal Keith & his completely trustworthy mustachioed lady, Booze goes into battle with an old girlfriend he hasn’t seen for over half of his life & Belasco celebrates Star Track Day.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!



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