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May 30, 2014

Featuring:  Booze, Belasco, Dr. P
Producer: Belasco, Dr. P




It happens to all of us. You’re out and suddenly you feel the urgent need to relieve yourself.

For some people, that means venturing into the heart of darkness known as the public restroom. For others, it means dropping trou and leaving a present on a neighbor’s driveway.

In this episode we’ll meet both types of people. Ryan the Germaphobe teaches us how to use the public restroom like a maniac. Meanwhile a different maniac is going around Houston pooping on resident’s lawns.  And, because we go deeper than all the other news outlets, we’ll have an exclusive interview with an individual who was once an accessory to serial pooping.

Additionally, we’ll meet some good ole’ fashioned World War 2 cosplayers, some lovely ladies decide to relieve a different kind of urge in public for charity, and we learn how they handle being “catfished” in the Philippines. Hint: not very well.

So, please take this exciting and educational edition of the SFJ podcast and stick it where it belongs.



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