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Sep 13, 2014


Featuring:  Beardo, Gravy, Dr. P, BoozeBelasco
Producer: Dr. P 


 Join us on episode #5 of Dr. P’s Summer News round, as we skip the news altogether and talk instead about the Idiots of Facebook. We have a record four guests on the show tonight, as we reach out across the Pacific and Atlantic to hold hands, and have a friendly reach-around.

First we catch up with a distraught Duct Tape Lisa, and discuss the probability that she is poisoning her daughter -like that lady on the 6th Sense. Then we move on to the big guy with an even bigger place in or hearts: Friend Zone Frank. Frank hasn’t unblocked us yet, but we get some of the people behind the magic; his best friend “G” and his main antagonist, Beardo to spin tales of lore regarding our Rascal battery-draining friend from Boston.

Finally, we introduce you to the newest Idiot ™ on the block, Krystal Keith, a man much like Frank, but 250 pounds lighter and on crystal meth. His love of woodcraft is only surpassed by his love for sending dick pics. So fire up the barbie and put us in your earholes, my honkies!

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