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Aug 3, 2014

Featuring:  Dr. P, Darik Datta, Rich Karski
Producer: Dr. P 



In this second ever edition of Dr P’s news round, special guests Darik Datta and Rich Karski take to the skies with me to Spain -where you’ll never believe what just happened to the author of a book called “Surviving the Pamplona Bull Run!” Hint: it has to do with a bull. We then discuss the thoughts and motives of people (as well as bulls) that would want to participate in the festival.

From there, we head over to India, and discover that worshiping monkeys can have its drawbacks. Such as having their population explode to 30,000 in your capital city.  But don’t worry, we come up with several solutions to remedy their monkey overpopulation situation. And while we’re there, we also visit a monkey god boy.  Or a lad with a birth defect, opinions are divided. But either way, we come up with a multitude of hobbies and career choices he might be cut out for.


So put us in your earholes and enjoy what Booze describes as “the best News Round ever!”
(though in fairness it’s just my second)  

~~ Dr. P

Special thanks to Darik Datta:

And Rich Karski:


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