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Mar 22, 2019


Belasco and Turtleman get together to explain the complications of producing an SFJ show.  

In short: it’s all Booze’s fault.

This is a brief discussion to let you listeners know what we’re doing about it and how we plan to give you more content more frequently.  

We also want to get you listeners more involved and would like for you to send us tales of the most weirdly insufferable people you’ve had the pleasure of working alongside.  We’re calling them “Real-life Dwights” after Dwight Shrute from the US version of The Office.  Listeners in the UK can freely call this “Real-life Gareths” if they want.

Later, there’s a topical discussion of the new 2-part HBO documentary, “Leaving Neverland” and a flashback segment from way back in 2012 when we talked to “The Ed”.  He had some things to say about Michael Jackson even way back then.

Stay tuned, a show with the full cast is coming soon.


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