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Mar 21, 2014

Featuring:  Booze, Belasco, Dr. P
Producer: Booze



hoff_sfj_coverHola, my honkies!

Due to cutbacks, our intrepid reporter Dr. P has had to change his mode of news gathering transportation. A little thing like that won’t stop him, though. Join us as we investigate the zoo in North Korean capital Poonyang, the very naughty monkey-ridden streets of India, and most hair-raisingly of all… the classrooms of Florida.

Work has been slow for Bane off of Batman since The Dark Knight Rises. We find him on a Qatari construction site with a fun new best friend and his very own toilet bucket.

Meanwhile, we Rank the Worst Pets in Movies, which sends Belasco off on a vitriolic and sustained tirade against one of the best loved animals in cinema history. And Booze compares a cat to Gordon Ramsay.

Oh, and we reveal which great big fat dead actor who was in The Godfather had a secret NASCAR obsession. You won’t BELIEVE who it is!

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Cover art by Al Hoffman