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Jan 26, 2015

Featuring:  Dr. P, BoozeBelasco

Producer: Dr. P, Booze, Belasco

We’re back, and chock full of ads!

Yes, the podcast is sponsored now, and in addition to all the Far East and monkey humor you’ve grown accustomed to, SFJ is also now a place to find products and services you’ll love!  Just be sure and enter the codename “Jesus.”  Oh, only we won’t be joking about the Far East any more. Or Belgium. We wouldn’t want to upset our sponsors.

With all that sweet, juicy podcast money, we can afford to bring you this extra length bumper episode featuring a brand new bit from our host… Belasco’s Comic Book Corner.  You won’t believe whose son is a famous comic book writer now. I’ll give you a clue… he doesn’t go by the name Stephen King Jr.  In the News Round™ we take to the skies in the Turtleman Copter over Kansas and Oklahoma City for two – count ’em, two – monkey stories and two songs about monkeys to go with them.

Turtleman takes us on a walk down memory lane and shares a story of poop, mama gorillas, breast milk, and young love.  Also, for probably the first time ever, he regales us with the story of his grandad’s pet monkeys, Pete and Miss Pete (Pete was the boy monkey).

Finally, we have an Idiots of Facebook featuring Idiots so stupid that it broke the podcast and made it have to be two parts. We’ll bring you the rest of it on episode 90. All this, plus animal pugilism, Rihanna incarcerated in a safari park, and much much more, on a very special Sweet Feathery Jesus.




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