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Dec 5, 2013

Featuring:  Booze, Belasco, Dr. P
Producer: Booze/Belasco




They love their kids. Cancer is bad. They’re the Idiots of Facebook.

But which country has the biggest idiots? The United States of America or the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland? We find out, as we pit two monumental dumbos against each other in a Facebook Face-Off.

Don’t feel left out, Canada and Australia. The winner plays one of you in the final.

We meet a lovely bog-eyed lady model, a Chinese Chinaman with feet out of a cartoon and answer the question you’ve all been asking: Which one of the Twin Towers had the best tits?

Booze’s Mum accidentally buys some fascist wall art, Dr P races a man with a robot leg and we start a FundAnything appeal for Belasco to travel to Turkey for emergency moustache replacement surgery.

So flush out your headgear, new guy! And stick this into your earhole.




  • Intro
  • 1:14 Cross-eyed Molly
  • 4:40 Listener proposal
  • 5:30 Listener question
  • 7:27 Stefano
  • 8:00 Idiots of Facebook, US vs. UK
  • 8:30 Hubcaps Donna
  • 9:30 Duct Tape Lisa
  • 15:20 News Round
  • 15:30 Bigfoot Chinaman
  • 20:40 Movember in Turkey
  • 26:15 Tasteless Costume Contest
  • 30:29 Blacktop Devil
  • 32:30 Hitler Grandpa
  • 35:57 Outro

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