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Aug 16, 2014

Featuring:  Dr. PRich Karski, Matt Kona, Ted Pettingell
Producer: Dr. P 


Ignoring all current FAA & FCC regulations Dr. P fills his News Copter to above maximum capacity this week with a trio of Boston comical comics.  Matt Kona, Rich Karski, and Ted Pettingell join us to cover photogenic monkeys, deaf motorists, and the Fire Challenge. 

You’ll learn more than any human person could ever want to know about monkey nipples, what types of simians we like or don’t particularly care for, and how to defeat an ape in an intellectual property lawsuit.  We also cover the new trend for teens that involves setting themselves on fire, and learn that it’s okay, because stupid fire burns at a lower temperature than “regular fire”.  We then fly over to Comical Con, where Rich informs us how rude deaf people are and what kind of noises they make while having intimate relations.

It’s an educational episode chock full of nerds, monkeys, hot hot flames, and hearing-impaired sex freaks, so put it in your ears (if you have ears) and hop on board the chopper.