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Jun 17, 2016


Featuring: Booze, Chuck Turtleman, Beardo

Whaaaaat’s up, my honkies?! This week we have conspired to bring you a very, very special episode of SFJ… it’s our Season 2 finale (some say finalé)!

This episode is all about conspiracies, or, in the words of Winston Churchill, “a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, inside a monkey”.

As we all know, 9/11 was an inside job, and we get the inside scoop on how it was (probably) all planned out. Chuck is curious about children’s clothing, Beardo brings us an episode from his critically acclaimed Beardo’s True Conspiracies from Australian History, and Booze surprises us with a secret quiz!

So stick us in your mystery holes, my honkies, and enjoy this very special Sweet Feathery Jesus Podcast!


Post scriptum:

We’re taking a brief hiatus over the summer. But don’t worry, Professor Chuck Turtleman will soon be launching a brand new (and very special) Idiots of Facebook Podcast, which will begin by featuring the best of our favourite Idiots, such as Duct Tape Lisa and Friend Zone Frank (yaaaay!).
Post Post scriptum:

Keep up with all the Summer fun by joining the Sweet Feathery Jesus gang in the very special secret closed Facebook (letters FB) group. Our dedicated team of archivists post all the action from our favourite Idiots, plus all the monkey and Chinese Chinapeople stories that cross the news wires. Befriend Beardo Bearington, send him a message, and he’ll let you enter his portal.


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